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Current Portfolio

The Ag Startup Engine aims to help its individual portfolio companies grow through funding and mentorship and create a community of startups that can build each other up and utilize existing infrastructure. The Ag Startup Engine is located in Ames, Iowa. Its close proximity to Iowa State University is beneficial in many ways. Many of the companies count an ISU degree-holder as a founder or co-founder, and all are continually involved in the entrepreneurial atmosphere in Central Iowa and beyond.

Each company aims to advance AgTech in its own innovative way. Gross-Wen Technologies is revolutionizing the way cities approach waste-water treatment through groundbreaking algal processes. Performance Livestock Analytics serves livestock producers with game-changing software solutions. SmartAg (now acquired by Raven Industries NASDAQ:RAVN) is leading the way in automated farm machinery. Nebullam looks to the future of sustainable food production with aeroponics. FarmlandFinder and Tractor Zoom have created better ways for farmers to find land and machinery, respectively, in markets underserved by the current technology offerings. automed has created a system that allows livestock producers to manage their operations effectively while taking care of the health of their animals. LEAH Laboratories - an animal health startup focused on a breakthrough treatment that will control and cure B cell lymphoma in dogs with lower costs and side effects when compared to traditional treatments. ClearFlame Engines - which is commercializing technology that integrates low-carbon alternative fuels into Diesel engines, using a novel, high-temperature combustion process. VetMeasure’s MeasureON! harness is currently designed for dogs and detects key health metrics to continuously  monitor critical care patients and those recovering from surgery. The Ag Startup Engine hopes to grow its portfolio over the next few years with companies just as innovative and exciting as its current startups.

Current Iowa 
Preferred Partners
Chuck Larson, Partner at LS2group
“Our team at LS2group has had the privilege to work with a number of agriculture and technology innovators over the years. We look forward to raising the profile of burgeoning Iowa entrepreneurs, and supporting the critical mission of the Ag Startup Engine.”