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The premier seed program for agriculture startups.

Our priorities:

Access to a network of successful entrepreneurs, business professionals, and investors.

Early seed round investment ($25,000-$50,000) with a plan to enhance enterprise value.

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What an honor!

At the 2021 Prometheus Awards presented by LWBJ, our co-directors Joel Harris, Kevin Kimle and Colin Hurd were surprised to learn that Ag Startup Engine won the LWBJ Impact Award. Our own Hannah Hill had kept it secret from them!

We're coming up on five years of ASE, and it's been a whirlwind. We've raised two funds and invested in 24 companies (so far) who have between them created hundreds of jobs, raised millions of dollars, exited three times, and are changing agtech for the better.

Thank you to our community of portfolio companies and investors, to LWBJ and the Technology Association of Iowa, and to our peers in agtech!

Back row, left to right: Kyle Woiwood (LWBJ), Joel Harris, Zach Gates (LWBJ). Front: Hannah Hill, Kevin Kimle. 

Impact Award 2021
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