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FloVision Solutions: Latest Addition to the Ag Startup Engine Portfolio

Rian McDonnell, a driven entrepreneur from Ireland, found his passion for sustainability during his undergraduate years. Pursuing a mechanical engineering degree, he focused his dissertation on tackling food waste. Rian, CEO and founder of FloVision embarked on a mission to optimize the food industry by creating FloVision Solutions. FloVision has created artificial intelligence sensors in protein facilities to enhance the efficiency of the food chain, aiming to minimize waste, and optimize yield throughout the entire food industry.

FloVision's inception involved a series of experiments throughout 2021, exploring ways to optimize food service. By early 2022, they honed their focus on protein production, realizing the potential impact on the food chain. 

Rian created the “FloVision Nano” and “FloVision Pro”. The Nano is focused on “comparing AI sensors to measure yield and quality at production speed. The Pro is designed to “control yield and quality as well as improve staff skills through a modular AI station”. FloVision Pro has AI sensors and laser guides to help assist operators. The lasers can also measure product weight, record yield loss at each stage of production, grade products based on set industry standards, provide real-time operator feedback, alert supervisors for errors or defects, and read labels to record product data and increase traceability through the production facility. FloVision Nano gathers data using AI sensors which then feeds the data back to supervisors and managers. 

To see the technology in action, watch these videos: 

FloVision Pro:

FloVision Nano:

Currently, FloVision has customers in the EU and the US in the beef and poultry sectors. They have 15 devices in the field with early customers, with plans to rapidly deploy their technology throughout 2024, expand their team, and reach a million dollars in recurring revenue.

Choosing Ag Startup Engine as an investor was a strategic move for FloVision. Rian emphasized the importance of a network in the agricultural space, and Ag Startup Engine's focus aligned perfectly with their needs. Ag Startup Engine’s emphasis on providing introductions within the protein processing sector has contributed to the company's growth.

Looking ahead, Rian sees “Ag Startup Engine as an essential part of their journey, providing not just financial support but also a robust network within the agricultural technology sector.”  With plans to expand their product offering, FloVision envisions a future marked by innovation, growth, and sustainability in the food industry.

Ag Startup Engine is thrilled to have FloVision onboard. Executive Director Joel Harris shares, “This is a hard problem. Many folks have tried to automate meat processing. And we have to bring innovation so we can produce more and the people working in these facilities are safer.

I see Flovision being thoughtful and deliberate about their development road map. While also focusing on the problems they can solve today without over promising. The fact that they understand the technical limitations but have an eye on overcoming them is what I am excited about.“

If you are interested in learning more about Flovision, visit


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