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ReEnvision Ag: Latest Addition to Ag Startup Engine Portfolio

In Nora Springs, Iowa, Jayson Ryner embarked on a journey to tackle soil health challenges with regenerative agriculture technology. ReEnvision Ag created the SeedSpike™ planting system which widens the planting window, optimizes planting depth and spacing, and minimizes soil contact and compaction.

The seeds of innovation were started on Jayson's own farm. “I saw first hand the challenges of strip-till and no-till farming amidst wet soils and green cover crops. There’s limited windows for planting with the existing planting technology,” states Jayson. Determined to find a solution, Jayson and his team developed a planter that could thrive in high-residue conditions, catering to the emerging market of soil health heroes and farmers looking for more regenerative practices.

This spring ReEnvision Ag will test their 4th generation row unit prototype, with Syngenta Corn Research headquarters in Slater, Iowa. This prototype includes electric drive, patent pending closed seed transfer system, patent pending closing system, and in cab controls. “This testing will provide third-party validation and allow us to compare our technology and solution against industry standards in a full yield trial,” states Jayson. ReEnvision Ag will lease row units of their precision planter for the planting season in 2025, if you’re interested in learning more about ReEnvision Ag, visit

Through prototyping and field testing, ReEnvision Ag found a strategic partner; Ag Startup Engine. Drawn to the connection to Iowa State University and the shared vision for promoting innovation in early-stage startups, the team saw Ag Startup Engine as more than just an investor.

Jayson believes Ag Startup Engine is composed of “experienced investors with a real interest in the promotion of new agriculture technology in Iowa and beyond,” who can provide guidance as the company scales.

Ag Startup Engine is thrilled to have ReEnvision Ag join our portfolio of companies! Executive Director, Joel Harris states "I was captivated by Jayson's passion for innovation in a space that has yet to see much disruption but requires it to adopt more sustainable agricultural practices. At ASE, we take early-stage companies and guide them to grow. A lot of times, we're betting on the founder or the team running the startup. Jayson may be a first-time founder, and his solution is hardware (which is hard), but I don't doubt his dedication."


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