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TRIC Robotics: Latest Addition to the Ag Startup Engine Portfolio

The team at TRIC Robotics created an automated pest and disease control robot “Luna” that uses ultraviolet light in place of chemical pesticides. 

Their tractor-scale platform, “Luna” carries unique UV arrays through the field as a service and farmers pay TRIC what they would normally pay to spray chemicals. 3shares “Luna is autonomous, so it’s less reliant on human labor and since it replaces harmful chemicals, it is safer for field workers and the environment. Ultraviolet light is reliable because it is resistance-free and it's sustainable because it is chemical-free. With Luna, farmers grow healthier food with higher yields and premium organic pricing. We have also developed an automated bug vacuum and provide an invaluable tool for data-driven farm management.” 

If you are interested in learning more about Luna watch this short clip.

The idea started during Adam's postdoc in agriculture, where he focused on building automated tools for farms. Adam presented research to the USDA, emphasizing the need to transition tools from the lab to the field, as well as research on UV technology, presenting a promising solution to reduce reliance on harmful chemicals in agriculture.

TRIC Robotics, initially known as Throwable Robot for Inspection and Characterization (TRIC), transitioned from designing robots for SWAT teams to addressing critical issues in agriculture. Currently, TRIC Robotics is making a significant impact on the California strawberry market, covering over 100 acres of California strawberry fields. 

Adam highlighted that TRIC Robotics has a profound impact on agriculture, stating that “farmers using UV technology experience at least 40 percent reduction in chemical usage.” This not only benefits agriculture, but also has a positive effect on local communities' health and well-being. 

TRIC’s dedication to building relationships with farmers, listening to their needs, and addressing challenges has played a crucial role in its success. This success has spurred TRIC Robotics to continue expanding its services to other crops and communities, with plans to extend pest control solutions to various agricultural processes.

To fuel this growth, TRIC Robotics sought investment from Ag Startup Engine. Adam's decision was influenced by “The agricultural background and knowledge Ag Startup Engines provided, aligning well with the company's mission.” The benefits of Ag Startup Engine were not just financial. Ag Startup Engines' detailed growth strategies and financial insights were invaluable. 

Executive Director of Ag Startup Engine, Joel Harris, expressed enthusiasm for TRIC sharing “Ag startups outside of the midwest can really benefit from plugging into the ASE network. TRIC impressed us with their customer traction and novel approach to an old problem. We hope our portfolio of other agtech hardware startups can be of use to Adam and his team."

To learn more about TRIC Robotics visit,


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