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The premier seed program for agriculture startups.

At Ag Startup Engine

Our vision is to continue driving growth and innovation in the midwest agriculture ecosystem, while building a strong community of entrepreneurs, investors, and supporters.

We believe that the success of our founders and portfolio companies is a testament to the value of our approach. We want to be a driving force for positive change in the agriculture industry, supporting entrepreneurs and investors as they create solutions to solve real-world problems in the midwest. 

Our priorities:

Access to a network of successful entrepreneurs, business professionals, and investors.

Early seed round investment ($25,000-$100,000) with a plan to enhance enterprise value.

Ag Startup Engine Origin

ASE Funds I & II were created to solve lack of early stage investments, but beyond that they created:

System: An organized and simple way to deploy early-stage capital, with a working and repeatable model.

Relationships: A nationwide network of AgTech entrepreneurs, experts, and investors.

Momentum: Credibility for the Ag Startup Engine brand and momentum in the AgTech space and a need for larger capital investments.

Our Focus

Ag Startup Engine views agriculture technology broadly.

See our portfolio.




ASE_SubSectors_Animal Health.png

Animal Health

ASE_SubSectors_Livestock Automation.png

Livestock Automation

ASE_SubSectors_Precision Ag.png

Precision Ag



Join Our Startup Ecosystem

If you're interested in joining Ag Startup Engine's portfolio of agricultural and technology-driven companies, please visit our contact page to inquire how you can become a part of the fastest-growing agricultural technology and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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